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10 Tips to Avoid Getting Stuffed this Holiday Season

Do the holidays weigh you down? If so, you are not alone. According to the Calorie Control Council, an association that represents the low and reduced-calorie food industry, the average American may consume 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on some holidays, from both the traditional turkey dinner with sides at Thanksgiving, as well… Read more »

Eating Out: Your Best Bets

**Bonus Tips for weight loss surgery clients You pull up to a fast-food restaurant. Are you prepared to order a healthy meal by remembering your goals (optimal performance and optimal health)? Restaurants can become a roadblock to your nutrition goals. However, with a little planning and some specific requests, fast food can become healthy food…. Read more »

Ever Wonder Which Food is Healthier?

Ever find yourself stumped at the grocery store thinking “should I buy soy milk or almond milk?”, or “which is better for me, carrots or sweet potatoes?” Well fear no more! Google has inundated us with a very nifty tool to compare the key nutrients of food items side-by-side. It’s as simple as typing “compare… Read more »

Smart ways to use your Smart phone

Whether or not you are working your butt off to lose a little weight or you are counting every calorie to maintain that desired figure, food journaling should be at the top of every strategy. It is the holy grail of weight loss and the true key to maintaining any happy and healthy diet plan…. Read more »

Dinner or Breakfast?

Breakfast for dinner is a classic American fav! We all love scrambled eggs in the evening or a hearty filling of our favorite whole-wheat cereal in the late night hours, but why don’t we ever turn the tables and try dinner for breakfast? Sounds a bit quirky, but in all honestly there are several nutrient… Read more »

Living each day on a QUEST!

Do busy schedules, hectic day- to- day lives and no time for you sound familiar to anyone? We Americans tend to live life on the go, constantly on the move! Whether it’s a PTA meeting, a tight work deadline or classes from sunrise to sunset, we all have a habit of putting our work over… Read more »

Your “Ideal” Body Weight

Hot off the press, haven’t you all heard? Healthy eating is the new trend and it has lifted the weight off every troublesome calorie counter in town. Long gone are the days of scary scales or fad crash diets! I am here to tell you to take a deep breath and really weigh out the… Read more »