Nutrition Testing Services in Las Vegas

We have a unique genetic makeup that helps determine how our bodies react to certain foods. As such, there is not a nutritional plan that works for everyone. Thankfully, thanks to advanced DNA testing, we can create a custom nutrition plan that suits the uniqueness of your genes and provides you with the nourishment your body craves. At Nutrition by Joey, we offer several tests to determine which nutrition plan best suits our clients’ needs, including metabolism tests, nutrigenomix tests, nutrition tests, and bariatric surgery nutrition information. Regardless of your results, we will educate you on what your body needs and develop a plan that helps you achieve your nutrition goals.

Resting Metabolic Rate / Metabolism Testing

One reason people tend to get sidetracked on their weight loss journey is because they don’t see any progress from the diet they’re following. Even worse, they get worn down by feeling like they’re always hungry or become frustrated by seemingly always counting calories. Fortunately, there are metabolic tests available that will provide you with the data you need to learn how to properly fuel your body in a way that helps you reach nutrition goals. Our test is a simple, 10-minute breath test where the air you exhale is analyzed to see how much oxygen you used, thereby giving your individualized metabolic rate.

Nutrigenomix / DNA Nutrition Testing

Your genes play a significant role in how your body processes different foods and can drastically impact your ability to lose and keep off weight. Your genes can also make you more susceptible to high cholesterol and blood sugar numbers, making food choices a critical component of any diet.

As such, it’s vital to know how specific nutrients interact with your unique genetic makeup. This information is like an individualized nutrition pathway that lets you discover the right diet for you to live your healthiest lifestyle. A Nutrigenomix test gives you unique results for 70 genes and will help you reach your weight loss goals, learn which nutrients you need more of in your diet and provide you with a fitness map on how you can improve your overall wellness

Nutritional Testing

Is your body getting enough of the nutrients it craves? Is it getting the foods it needs to reduce your blood sugar or cholesterol? With our nutritional tests, we will discover where your diet is strong and where it is lacking. Whether it’s more vitamins, minerals, iron or some other nutrient, our tests provide the data needed to customize your diet and give your body the fuel it craves.

To learn more about the different tests we offer, contact us at your convenience.