Here’s What some of Our Clients Say:

Karen from Las Vegas writes:
“I really appreciate the assistance I got from Nutrition by Joey. I had an idea how to eat correctly, but I was eating more for training, using a lot of protein, little to no carbs or fat. I carried a bit of fat around my waist that no matter how hard I worked out, and I am doing kick-boxing twice a week and weight-lifting once or twice also, just was not going anywhere.Thanks to the help I got from Nutrition by Joey, that “pooch” around my waist is virtually gone.

Northern California Client Writes:
I had no desire to lose the weight. I just kept buying bigger clothes. I really didn’t feel energetic and was incapable of doing some of the things I had always done. During that same time period, my doctor said I had to lose weight. The excess fat was distorting my blood test results. He wanted me to go on a low carb diet, as that was his lifestyle. I refused and said I would do this on my own. That is when I acquired Joey’s help.After logging my normal food intake and any “excerise” I was doing, she set up a daily caloric intake program. I also told her that I didn’t want to starve and she assured me I wouldn’t. We did this all by phone and e-mails.I have gained muscle and have still lost 40 lbs. This is 10 lbs. less than the goal Joey had set for me and 5 lbs. less than the goal I had set for myself. I feel good and have energy and stamina I hadn’t had in a long time. I will always need to monitor my caloric intake because I love food but I now have the tools to do it. Thank you Joey for helping me change my eating habits for life.

First-Time Marathon Runner in Las Vegas Writes:
A few months ago, I decided to start training for my first marathon. I was very impressed when I first met with Joey . She was very knowledgeable and professional and yet still had that extra personal interest that all the big businesses seem to lose. After consulting with Joey, I learned a lot about how to provide my body with the necessary nutrition it needs for this type of endurance training. I was able to reach my peak level in my training and am now more confident than ever to face the big race ahead. Thanks, Joey!

JP Woyton – Training for first marathon