Proper Eating

Keep a Food Diary

Nutrition by Joey believes and recommends clients have and use a food record.

Why do I have to record what I eat and drink? One of the most important lifestyle behaviors you will learn is to keep a food diary. Behavioral studies on weight loss maintenance clearly show a high success rate among individuals keeping detailed food diaries. Statistically, individuals underestimate the amount of food they consume daily by 20 to 40 percent or more. On the other hand, daily exercise is overestimated. Simply stated, we remember we exercise and forget we eat!

Allan Borushek, with Calorie King, states the following reasons why a food and exercise diary is important:

  • Helps you identify problem foods and fluids that may have too much calories and fat.
  • Helps you identify moods, situations, and events that may lead to excessive eating and drinking unwanted calories and fat.
  • Prevents calorie amnesia, the forgetfulness of what you are eating and drinking.
  • Motivates you to carefully plan your meals and proper fluid intake and to exercise.
  • Serves as a check system for your doctor, dietitian or counselor to monitor your progress and make proper recommendations.

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