Ever Wonder Which Food is Healthier?

Ever find yourself stumped at the grocery store thinking “should I buy soy milk or almond milk?”, or “which is better for me, carrots or sweet potatoes?” Well fear no more! Google has inundated us with a very nifty tool to compare the key nutrients of food items side-by-side. It’s as simple as typing “compare green carrots and sweet potatoes” into the search bar and before you know it, the nutritional information is right before your eyes. Luckily, we live in a world where internet is quite accessible on our handy-dandy phones so you can use this tool almost anywhere.

Just download the Google Search app on your phone and you can compare on the go at the grocery store, while dining at a restaurant or even hanging out with friends. It truly is this simple and the comparison possibilities are endless! So start thinking about the foods you’re constantly contemplating and start comparing away, you might be surprised by some of the information you find!

~Courtney Schelling