Smart ways to use your Smart phone

Whether or not you are working your butt off to lose a little weight or you are counting every calorie to maintain that desired figure, food journaling should be at the top of every strategy. It is the holy grail of weight loss and the true key to maintaining any happy and healthy diet plan. The very best part of keeping a food journal, IT’S FREE! If buying, carrying and manually writing & noting each meal of your day seems unrealistic, there are certainly viable options. The beauty of modern day technology is that it has inundated our smart phones with millions of options, literally at the tip of our fingers. Two very accessible and knowledgeable food-tracking and journaling applications I find to work best are MyFitnessPal as well as Lose It! I am an Iphone advocate and these “apps” can be found in the Itunes mobile store. After creating a quick user profile you are able to search and track almost every type of food or beverage of your choice. Portion sizes, calorie count and even brands are displayed giving you any type of information you could need. The application Lose It offers visual guidance to users with animated pictures. These are just a few of the millions of options available to anyone looking to better their nutrition practices. Food journaling is a useful, effective & easy way to keep track of your daily intakes. Dieting, texting or checking your mail, weight management is only a quick click away!

~Madison Carpenter

Lose It!

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