What is Your “Ideal” Body Weight

what is your ideal body weightHot off the press, haven’t you all heard? Healthy is the new hot and it has lifted the weight off every troublesome calorie counter in town. Long gone are the days of scary scales or fad crash diets! I am here to tell you to take a deep breath and really weigh out the numbers. Your “ideal” body weight is not your skinniest point possible or your bikini best; it is the weight in which your body is most alleviated from diseases or malnutrition with the quality and integrity to maintain your busy daily activities and life style. When your body weight is “ideal,” you are able to prevent disease such as osteoporosis, fight infections, permit fertility, and enhance longevity. According to the age-old Hamwi Equation, for a general ideal body weight measurement for an adult:

  • Men: Allow for 106 pounds and add 6 pounds to every inch over 5 feet.
  • Women: Allow for 100 pounds and add 5 pounds for every inch over 5 feet.

We all have unique health concerns & we all deal with weight in different ways, but it is a general sigh of relief to know that a healthy weight means much more to our fundamental health and well being. When it comes down to it:

health conscious > calorie conscious.

Live a full and active life, and nourish yourself for the best you possible!

~ Madison Carpenter